Goals - February 2017

First goal is to be the first person in lab to post their goals each month. Props to one of our new grad students, Yaamini Venkataraman on beating me this month!

Next goal is to dominate this year’s Pub-a-thon. I’m working on two different manuscripts, this one and this one, but I still think I can win this!

Stuff that got tackled from last month’s goals:

Freezer organization - This has happened, albeit without much effort on my part. Many thanks to the Big Cheese and [Grace for tackling this project[(https://genefish.wordpress.com/2017/01/28/80-organization)!

Data Management Plan - Some progress has been made on this. I improved the instructions on the DMP a bit, but the master spreadsheet on which the DMP revolves around (Nightingales) is still in a massive state of flux that needs a lot of attention.

Sequencing data handling - Thanks to Sean for putting forth a serious dent in automating this. He wrote an R script to handle this sort of thing. I’m not entirely sure if he’s done testing it, but it seems to work so far. Next will be incorporating usage instructions of this R script into the DMP so that others can utilize it. On that note, I need to figure out where Sean is keeping this script (can’t seem to locate in his notebook.