Goals - March 2017

Goal, singular: Get Oly GBS manuscript completed/submitted.

Oh, actually, there is another, smaller goal that will be very difficult to achieve: win Pub-a-Thon. Jay’s taken a massive lead and has a nearly complete manuscript ready for submission. His manuscript is pretty well fleshed out, so it’ll be very difficult to surpass  him at this point. However, I’m always up for a challenge, so I’ll see what I can do…

Anyway, back to my main goal of completing my manuscript.

This should be do-able. I’ve completed the SRA submission process for the raw sequencing data. The stuff that remains is as follows:

  • Generate FASTQC analysis on FASTQ files (this is currently running - takes awhile)

  • Try to replicate BGI’s FASTQ demultiplexing pipeline to verify that it is functional

  • Make decisions with Steven (and Brent?) about what information tables should contain

  • Write

The beauty of submitting this to the journal Scientific Data, is that it doesn’t require in-depth analysis of your data sets. It merely requires an examination of the data to ensure its integrity, as well as a cursory assessment of the data to evaluate it’s usefulness to the scientific community. No need to delve deeper into the data and attempt to interpret, or draw conclusions about, what the data might mean; that can be left to other researchers who deem this data worthwhile to explore.