DNA Quantification - Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn coral) DNA from Javier Casariego (FIU)

DNA samples received yesterday were quantified using the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 to improve quantification accuracy (samples provided by Javier were quantified via NanoDrop, which generally overestimates DNA concentration) prior to performing methylation assessment.

Quantification was performed using the dsDNA Broad Range Kit.

Used 1uL of each sample.


Three samples are too dilute for immediate use in the MethylFlash Methylated DNA Quantification Kit (Colorimetric) - max sample volume is 8uL. Will have to concentrate them (will likely use SpeedVac to prevent sample loss).

Values were added to the spreadsheet provided by Javier (Google Sheet): A.cervicornis_DNA_Extractions(May_2017).xlsx

Qubit output file (Google Sheet): 20170510_qubit_A_cervicornis_DNA