Goals - June 2017

Well, my previous goal was to tidy up an existing manuscript and get it re-submitted to PeerJ. That’s pretty much done, as Steven will be giving a final once over and formatting the rebuttal letter prior to resubmission.

June will be a bit of a short month for me, due to some travel, but here’re some things on the agenda:

  • Update the Oly Genome Wiki to accurately reflect the most recent PacBio Sequencing we had done.

  • Related to the above goal is updating Nightingales to house just the raw sequencing data files for the Oly PacBio sequencing, while archiving the associated meta data (QC files, reports, etc).

  • Related to THAT goal is then updating our Nightingales spreadsheet to reflect, and provide links to, the raw sequencing files.

  • Establish (and build out) an “On Boarding” repo in the Roberts Lab GitHub Page. This should make it easier for new lab members to find the various resources they need. More importantly, it should make it easier for us to direct people to find that info!