Goals - August 2017

Data, data, data! That is the theme for this month.

Olympia oyster data - Going to assess and continue working on assembly the Olympia oyster genome we have from our BGI sequencing project, along with the PacBio data we have. To-date, it’s been difficult to get these two datasets to play nicely with one another. I’ll take a look to see what’s worked, and what hasn’t, as well as try out some other means by which to get a decent assembly.

Geoduck data - We just got back an insane amount of RNAseq and genome sequencing data from an Illumina pilot project. This data needs to be properly documented and catalogued.

Hackweek 2017 - Although this is only a brief period during this month, it’s designed to tackle some lower priority tasks that will help streamline lab operations. Check out the GtiHub repo issues for Hackweek 2017 to get an idea of some of the projects.