Ethanol Precipitation & DNA Quantification - C. virginica MBD DNA from Yaamini

Finished the ethanol precipitation as described in the MethylMiner (Invitrogen) manual which Yaamini had previously initiated:

Samples were resuspended in 25μL of Buffer EB (Qiagen) and transferred to 0.5mL snap cap tubes. All tubes were labeled as: MBD CV #

Quantified the Crassostrea virginica MBD-enriched DNA with the Qubit 3.0 (ThermoFisher) and the Qubit dsDNA High Sensitivity (HS) Kit (ThermoFisher).

Used 1uL of template DNA.


Quantification Spreadsheet (Google Sheet):20180207_qubit_DNA_HS_MBD_virginica

One sample (MBD CV 106) may not be usable due to low yield. However, the remainder should work fine.

I’ve sent them all to ZymoResearch for bisulfite treatment, library construction, and Illumina sequencing.

FedEx tracking: 771429590026