Data Received - Crassostrea virginica MBD BS-seq from ZymoResearch

Received the sequencing data from ZymoResearch for the Crassostrea virginica gonad MBD DNA that was sent to them on 20180207 for bisulfite conversion, library construction, and sequencing.

Gzipped FASTQ files were:

  1. downloaded to Owl/nightingales/C_virginica

  2. MD5 checksums verified

  3. MD5 checksums appended to the checksums.md5 file

  4. file updated

  5. Updated nightingales Google Sheet

Here’s the list of files received:

[code lang=text] zr2096_10_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_10_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_1_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_1_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_2_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_2_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_3_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_3_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_4_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_4_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_5_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_5_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_6_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_6_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_7_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_7_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_8_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_8_s1_R2.fastq.gz zr2096_9_s1_R1.fastq.gz zr2096_9_s1_R2.fastq.gz [/code]

Here’s the sample processing history: