DNA Isolation & Quantification – Geoduck larvae metagenome filter rinses

This is another attempt to isolate DNA from two more of the geoduck hatchery metagenome samples Emma delivered on 20180313.

The previous attempt, using DNAzol, did not yield any DNA.

I isolated DNA from the following two samples:

  • MG 5/19 #4

  • MG 5/26 #4

I used the DNA Stool Kit (Qiagen), following the “Stool Human DNA” protocol with the following changes:

  • Incubated @ 95oC for 5mins after initial addition of Buffer ASL. This is a lysis step that might help increase yields (see the “Stool Pathogen Detection” protocol)

  • Did not add InhibitEX Tablet. Deemed unnecessary, since these weren’t stool samples.

  • Eluted in 50μL of Buffer AE

I opted to follow the “Stool Human DNA” protocol, as it processes a larger portion of the initial sample, compared to the “Stool Pathogen Detection” protocol (600μL vs. 200μl)

Samples were quantified using the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 with the Qubit High Sensitivity dsDNA Kit (Invitrogen).

10μL of each sample were used.


Neither sample yielded any detectable DNA. Will discuss with Steven.