Data Management - SRA Submission LSU C.virginica Oil Spill MBD BS-seq Data

Submitted the Crassostrea virginica (Eastern oyster) MBD BS-seq data we received on 20150413 to NCBI Sequence Read Archive.

Data was uploaded via the web browser interface, as the FTP method was not functioning properly.

SRA deets are below (assigned FASTQ files to new BioProject and created new BioSamples).

SRA Study: SRP139854 BioProject: PRJNA449904

BioSamples Table

Sample Treatment BioSample
HB2 oil 25,000ppm [SAMN08919868](
HB16 oil 25,000ppm [SAMN08919921](
HB30 oil 25,000ppm [SAMN08919953](
NB3 unexposed [SAMN08919461](
NB6 unexposed [SAMN08919577](
NB11 unexposed [SAMN08919772](