Software Installation - RepeatMasker v4.0.7 on Emu/Roadrunner

Steven asked that I re-run some Olympia oyster transposable elements analysis using RepeatMasker and a newer version of our Olympia oyster genome assembly.

Installed the software on both of the Apple Xserves (Emu and Roadrunner) running Ubuntu 16.04.

Followed the instructions outlined here:

Starting with the prerequisites:

  1. Download and install RMBlast
  • NCBI Blast 2.6.0 source

  • isb 2.6.0 patch

Unfortunately, the make command continually failed:

<code>cd /home/shared/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++

While trying to troubleshoot this issue, continued with the other prerequisites:

  1. Downloaded Tandem Repeat Finder v.4.09
  • Saved file (trf409.linux64) to /home/shared/bin. NOTE: /home/shared/bin is part of the system PATH. See the /etc/environment file.

  • Changed permissions to be executable:

    sudo chmod 775 trf409.linux64

  1. Downloaded RepBase RepeatMasker Edition 20170127 (NOTE: This requires registration in order to obtain a username/password to download the file).

Installed RepeatMasker:

  1. Downloaded RepeatMasker 4.0.7
  • Saved to /home/shared/RepeatMasker-4.0.7
  1. Installed RepBase RepeatMasker Edition 20170127 in /home/shared//home/shared/RepeatMasker-4.0.7/Libraries

Currently re-building RMBlast and it takes forever… Will report back when I have it running.