DNA Isolation and Quantification - Lotterhos C.virginica Mantle DNA

Isolated DNA from the Lotterhos Crassostrea virginica mantle samples received on 20181017 using the E.Z.N.A. Mollusc Kit, with the following modifications/notes:

  • Samples were pulverized under liquid nitrogen.
  • Samples were incubated O/N at 37oC in the MB1/Proteinase K buffer mixture.
  • 270uL of aqueous phase was recovered from each sample after chloroform:IAA step.
  • Samples were eluted with 100uL of Elution Buffer.

All samples were quantified using the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 and the Qubit dsDNA BR Kit, using 1uL of template.

All samples were stored at -20oC, in Sam’s gDNA Box #3 in slots A1-C6.


Yields were very good, ranging from ~2.8ug - 20ug.

Qubit data (Google Sheet):

All Qubit data has been added to the original sample sheet sent by the Lotterhos Lab: