MBD Enrichment - DNA Quantification of C.virginica MBD Samples from 20190312

Finished MBD enrichment on 20190312 using the MethylMiner kit. Since we were out of Qubit assay tubes, I could not quantify these samples when I initially completed the ethanol precipitation. Tubes are in, so I went forward with quantification using the Roberts’ Lab Qubit 3.0 and the 1x High Sensitivity dsDNA assay.

Used 1uL of each sample.


Qubit data (Google Sheet):

Concentrations range from 0.702ng/uL to 3.44ng/uL. This corresponds to a recovery rate range of 0.7% - 3.44% (17.6ng - 86ng). Although that low sample is pretty low, I’m fairly certain ZymoResearch can handle sample input this low without issue. Will get a PO number generated and get these sent off to Zymo for bisulfite conversion, library prep and sequencing.