RepeatModeler - Pgenerosa_v074 for MAKER Annotation on Emu

Yesterday (20190625) I generated a subset of the first 18 FastA sequences from the Pgenerosa_v070.fa file. This subset has been designated as Pgenerosa_v074 by Steven. It’s available on our Genomic Resources wiki:

He’s asked me to annotate this assembly using MAKER - this will be detailed in another notebook entry at some point.

In preparation for that, I need to run the assembly through RepeatModeler and provide the output to MAKER. I ran RepeatModeler v1.0.11 on Emu (Apple Xserve running Ubuntu 16.04LTS).

All of it is detailed in this Jupyter Notebook (GitHub):


Run time was 1974 minutes (~32.4hrs).

Output folder:

RepeatModeler FastA: