Data Wrangling - Create a CpG GFF from Pgenerosa_v074 using EMBOSS fuzznuc on Swoose

Steven wanted me to create a CpG GFF for use in IGV visulations for continued Pgenerosa_v074 analysis. I did that by running the EMBOSS tool fuzznuc:

~/programs/EMBOSS-6.6.0/emboss/fuzznuc \
-sequence ~/data/P_generosa/genomes/Pgenerosa_v074.fa \
-pattern CG \
-outfile 20190821_fuzznuc_pgenv074.gff \
-rformat gff

This was run on my computer, swoose.


Output folder:

Output GFF:

MD5 checksum:

  • f7176f7dfe5e964aa1111cb7013a9f37

This file was also added our Genomic Resources Wiki (GitHub). The file was renamed to:

  • Pgenerosa_v074.CpG.gff