DNA Quality Assessment - Agarose Gel for C.bairdi 20102558-2729 gDNA from 20200122

Earlier today, I isolated gDNA from C.bairdi 20102558-2729 ethanol-preserved muscle tissue using the Quick DNA/RNA MicroPrep Plus Kit (ZymoResearch) and prepared the tissue in three different ways to see how they would compare:

Ran 10uL of each sample on a 0.8% agarose, 1x low TAE gel with ethidium bromide.

Used the GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix (ThermoFisher) as ladder.



ThermoFisher GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix

From left to right, gel was loaded:

  • Ladder

  • “damp” sample prep

  • “dry” sample prep

  • “minced” sample prep

Gel image

Well, all three preps look the same - very degraded. This is virtually the same as what I saw using the E.Z.N.A. Mollusc Kit (Omega). Looke like we’ll have to pursue a different route to get high quality gDNA for long read sequencing.

Will talk to Grace to see if we have extra hemolymph samples in RNAlater that I can try to get gDNA from and see if that gDNA looks any better.