SRA Submission - C.bairdi RNAseq Data

Since we received the last of our RNAseq data for this project on 20200413, I submitted all of it to the NCBI Sequencing Read Archive (SRA). Data was released today and all accession numbers can be found in the table below:

Accession Title BioProject SRA
SAMN14600889 D12_infected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548643 254
SAMN14600897 D12_uninfected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548644 222
SAMN14600896 D12_uninfected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548645 221
SAMN14600915 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548646 178
SAMN14600914 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548647 173
SAMN14600913 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548648 151
SAMN14600917 D9_uninfected PRJNA625480 SRR11548649 73
SAMN14600909 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548650 72
SAMN14600903 D26_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548651 485
SAMN14600902 D26_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548652 481
SAMN14600901 D26_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548653 463
SAMN14600912 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548654 132
SAMN14600904 D26_infected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548655 445
SAMN14600908 D26_uninfected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548656 427
SAMN14600907 D26_uninfected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548657 425
SAMN14600894 D12_infected_warm PRJNA625480 SRR11548658 380825
SAMN14600899 D12_uninfected_warm PRJNA625480 SRR11548659 380824
SAMN14600890 D12_infected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548660 380823
SAMN14600898 D12_uninfected_cold PRJNA625480 SRR11548661 380822
SAMN14600916 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548662 380821
SAMN14600919 D9_uninfected PRJNA625480 SRR11548663 380820
SAMN14600888 D12_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548664 359
SAMN14600911 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548665 127
SAMN14600887 D12_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548666 349
SAMN14600886 D12_infected_ambient PRJNA625480 SRR11548667 334
SAMN14600906 D26_uninfected PRJNA625480 SRR11548668 329777
SAMN14600900 D26_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548669 329776
SAMN14600895 D12_uninfected PRJNA625480 SRR11548670 329775
SAMN14600885 D12_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548671 329774
SAMN14600905 D26_pool PRJNA625480 SRR11548672 304428
SAMN14600893 D12_infected_warm PRJNA625480 SRR11548673 294
SAMN14600892 D12_infected_warm PRJNA625480 SRR11548674 280
SAMN14600891 D12_infected_warm PRJNA625480 SRR11548675 272
SAMN14600910 D9_infected PRJNA625480 SRR11548676 118
SAMN14600918 D9_uninfected PRJNA625480 SRR11548677 113