SRA Submission - P.generosa Metagenomics Data

Added our P.generosa metagenomics sequencing data to NCBI sequencing read archive (SRA).

All data is accessible via the following BioProject accession:

Table with links to individual BioSample and SRA Run entries:

Sample pH Day BioSample Run
MG_7 7.1 12 SRR12334351 SAMN15655975
MG_6 7.1 8 SRR12334352 SAMN15655976
MG_5 8.2 5 SRR12334353 SAMN15655977
MG_3 7.1 1 SRR12334354 SAMN15655978
MG_2 8.2 12 SRR12334355 SAMN15655979
MG_1 8.2 8 SRR12334356 SAMN15655980