Samples Received - C.gigas High-Low pH Triploid Diploid from Maria Haws Lab

Received Crassostrea gigas tissue samples from Maria Haws’ Lab at the University of Hawaii Hilo. Tissue samples are a set of triploid and diploid subjected to different pHs. All sample info is in the sample sheet provided below.

Sample sheet:

Important note. Email from Dr. Haws’ research Manager, Daniel Wilkie provides a correction for sample labeling:


The package containing tissue samples was sent out today. The samples are separated by treatment group. I am realizing now while writing this email, that the labeling on the ziplock bags containing the samples is improper. The ziplock bags are labeled either “Low PCO2” or “High PCO2” respectively. These should read “Low pH” instead of “Low PCO2,” and “High pH” instead of “High pCO2”. I have attached a data sheet with information about each sample. The data sheet has the correct treatment group labeling.

The FedEx tracking number is 3959-4768-0634

Best, Daniel

Also, received this follow up mail, after tracking info indicated the package was going to Sequim, WA instead of to Seattle:

Hi Sam,

My apologies, I definitely sent the wrong tracking number.


Looks like the package was signed for this morning.


Samples as Received

Four labeled bags containing sample tubes

Contents of large “High pCO2” bag

Individual oyster bags from the high pCO2 bag

Example of tissue sample in liquid

Example tube of tissue sample with excessive liquid

Tops of tubes unlabeled

Example of tops of tubes without labels

The tubes only had a single label on blue tape on the side of each tube (e.g. 01 gill) with no other indicator of ploidy or pH. To minimize potential confusion down the line, I minimally labeled the tops of all the tubes with their ploidy and then put the tubes in to separate boxes, based on pH treatment (high/low).

Boxes were stored in the Roberts Lab -80oC (Google Sheet).