SRA Submissions - NanoPore C.bairdi 20102558-2729 and 6129_403_26

Submitted our C.bairdi NanoPore sequencing data from 20200109 (Sample 20102558-2729 - uninfected EtOH-preserved muscle) and from 20200311 (Sample 6129403_26 - RNAlater-preserved _Hematodinium-infected hemolymph) to the NCBI Sequencing Read Archive(SRA).

I submitted the FastQ files instead of the raw Fast5 files (20102558-2729-Run-01 conversion on 20200904, 20102558-2729-Run-02 conversion on 20200904, and [6129403_26 conversion on 20200904]( because NCBI SRA requires NanoPore Fast5 files to be basecalled; I did _not perform basecalling during the original sequencing runs - only during FastQ conversion.

All samples were submitted to NCBI SRA BioProject PRJNA625480. NCBI indicates this is what should be referenced in publications. However, here are the SRA “Run” accessions:

Sample Run
20102558-2729 SRR12683090
6129_403_26 SRR12689542)

Will add info to Nightingales (Google Sheet).