NanoPore Reads Extractions - C.bairdi Taxonomic Reads Extractions with MEGAN6 on 201002558-2729-Q7 and 6129-403-26-Q7

After completing the taxonomic comparisons of 201002558-2729-Q7 and 6129-403-26-Q7 on 20201002, I decided to extract reads assigned to the following taxa for further exploration (primarily to identify contigs/scaffolds in our cbai_genome_v1.0.fasta (19MB).

Used MEGAN6 to extract reads from the MEGAN6 RMA6 files from 201002558-2729-Q7 taxonomic assignments on 20200928 and from 6129-403-26-Q7 on 20200928.


Output folders:

Now, I’ll try aligning these reads to the cbai_genome_v1.0 using BLAST to see if I can identify which contigs/scaffolds belong to each of these taxa.