Data Wrangling - MultiQC on S.salar RNAseq from fastp and HISAT2 on Mox

In Shelly’s GitHub Issue for this S.salar project, she also requested a MultiQC report for the trimming (completed on 20201029) and the genome alignments (completed on 20201103).

I ran MultiQC on Mox using a build node and no script, since the command is so simple (e.g. multiqc .) and so quick.


Output folder:

MultiQC report (HTML)

A couple of notes:

  1. The [fastp]( trimming results are reported with sample names with a _1. This is an unfortunate mistake with name parsing. The results are comprised of both Read 1 and Read 2 FastQ data; not just Read 1.

  2. The HISAT2 results also suffer from a poor filename that ends with .err. Despite the name, these files actually contain the alignment summary data.