Data Received - C.gigas Ploidy WGBS from Ronits Project via ZymoResearch

We received the data from our whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) submission to ZymoResearch on 2020820 for Ronit’s C.gigas diploid/triploid dessication/heat stress project.

Samples were sequenced using 150bp paired-end, on the Illumina NovaSeq.

Files have been added to the C.gigas folder in nightingales on Owl (Synology server).

I’ve updated the nightingales Google Sheet database as well.

Next up:

  • Run FatQC

  • Submit to NCBI sequence read archive (SRA).

SeqID Library_Name Tissue Ploidy Dessication Heat_Stress
zr3534_1 D11-C ctenidia diploid yes no
zr3534_2 D12-C ctenidia diploid yes no
zr3534_3 D13-C ctenidia diploid yes no
zr3534_4 D19-C ctenidia diploid yes yes
zr3534_5 D20-C ctenidia diploid yes yes
zr3534_6 T11-C ctenidia triploid yes no
zr3534_7 T12-C ctenidia triploid yes no
zr3534_8 T13-C ctenidia triploid yes no
zr3534_9 T19-C ctenidia triploid yes yes
zr3534_10 T20-C ctenidia triploid yes yes