Data Received - C.gigas Diploid-Triploid pH Treatments Ctenidia WGBS from ZymoResearch

Today we received the whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) from the 24 C.gigas diploid-triploid samples subjected to different pH that were submitted 20200824. The lengthy turnaround time was due to a bad lot of reagents, which forced them Zymo to find a different manufacturer in order to generate libraries.

Sequencing consisted of WGBS 150bp paired end (PE) reads for each library. All files were downloaded to the C_gigas folder on Owl(Synology server). MD5 checksums were confirmed:

screencap of md5 checksum verification

Principal spreadsheet for this project was updated (Google Sheet):

Have added files to our high-throughput sequencing database (Google Sheet):

Next up:

  • FastQC

  • Submit to NCBI sequence read archive (SRA).

Zymo_ID Sample_ID Ploidy pH_treatment
zr3644_1 2N_HI_5 diploid high
zr3644_2 2N_HI_8 diploid high
zr3644_3 2N_HI_9 diploid high
zr3644_4 2N_HI_10 diploid high
zr3644_5 2N_HI_11 diploid high
zr3644_6 2N_HI_12 diploid high
zr3644_7 2N_LOW_1 diploid low
zr3644_8 2N_LOW_2 diploid low
zr3644_9 2N_LOW_3 diploid low
zr3644_10 2N_LOW_4 diploid low
zr3644_11 2N_LOW_5 diploid low
zr3644_12 2N_LOW_6 diploid low
zr3644_13 3N_HI_2 triploid high
zr3644_14 3N_HI_3 triploid high
zr3644_15 3N_HI_5 triploid high
zr3644_16 3N_HI_8 triploid high
zr3644_17 3N_HI_10 triploid high
zr3644_18 3N_HI_11 triploid high
zr3644_19 3N_LOW_6 triploid low
zr3644_20 3N_LOW_7 triploid low
zr3644_21 3N_LOW_8 triploid low
zr3644_22 3N_LOW_10 triploid low
zr3644_23 3N_LOW_11 triploid low
zr3644_24 3N_LOW_12 triploid low