SRA Submission - Haws Lab C.gigas Ploidy pH WGBS

I submitted the 24 C.gigas diploid/triploid pH-treated WGBS sequence data we received 20201205 to the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA).

The samples were registered as part of the following BioProject:

This accession number is what should be referenced for any publications with these samples. This has been added to Nightingales (Google Sheet), the Roberts Lab NGS database.

Here is a table which contains individual sample accession numbers, in case they’re needed:

Sample_ID BioSample BioProject
2N_HI_05 SAMN17011249 PRJNA682817
2N_HI_08 SAMN17011255 PRJNA682817
2N_HI_09 SAMN17011256 PRJNA682817
2N_HI_10 SAMN17011257 PRJNA682817
2N_HI_11 SAMN17011258 PRJNA682817
2N_HI_12 SAMN17011259 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_01 SAMN17011260 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_02 SAMN17011261 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_03 SAMN17011262 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_04 SAMN17011239 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_05 SAMN17011240 PRJNA682817
2N_LOW_06 SAMN17011241 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_02 SAMN17011242 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_03 SAMN17011243 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_05 SAMN17011244 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_08 SAMN17011245 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_10 SAMN17011246 PRJNA682817
3N_HI_11 SAMN17011247 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_06 SAMN17011248 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_07 SAMN17011250 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_08 SAMN17011251 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_10 SAMN17011252 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_11 SAMN17011253 PRJNA682817
3N_LOW_12 SAMN17011254 PRJNA682817