SRA Submission - A.elegantissima ONT Fast5 from Jay Dimond

At the beginning of the month, Jay sent us his A.elegantissima ONT Fast5 data in order to help him get it submitted to NCBI Sequencing Read Archive (SRA).

Due to the large amount of data (>300GB), it took a number of days to get the files transferred, but they’re there!

All data is available under the following SRA BioProject:

The above BioProject accession is what NCBI recommends for citation. However, here’s the list of each individual files submitted and their corresponding SRA accessions:

SeqID Library_Name SRA BioProject
aele_A1_aposymb bar05 SRR13685276 PRJNA700526
aele_A3_aposymb bar03 SRR13685275 PRJNA700526
aele_A4_aposymb bar01 SRR13685274 PRJNA700526
aele_G2_symb bar02 SRR13685273 PRJNA700526
aele_G3_symb bar06 SRR13685272 PRJNA700526
aele_G4_symb bar04 SRR13685271 PRJNA700526