Summary - Geoduck RNAseq Data

Per this GitHub Issue, I’ve compiled a summary table, with links, of all of our Panopea generosa (Pacific geoduck) RNAseq data as it exists in NCBI. This will be a “dynamic” notebook entry, whereby I will update this post continually as we acquire new data and/or change the information we’d like to have here.

Run BioSample Experiment Library_ID Sample_Name Tissue/Treatment Sequencer
SRR12218868 SAMN15524261 SRX8729323 Geoduck-heart-RNA geoduck-20150811-heart heart HiSeq 4000
SRR12218869 SAMN15524260 SRX8729322 Geoduck-gonad-RNA geoduck-20150811-gonad gonad HiSeq 4000
SRR12218870 SAMN15524251 SRX8729321 Geoduck-ctenidia-RNA geoduck-20150811-ctenidia ctenidia HiSeq 4000
SRR12226692 SAMN15524260 SRX8735427 NR006 geoduck-20150811-gonad gonad NovaSeq 6000
SRR12226693 SAMN15524251 SRX8735426 NR012 geoduck-20150811-ctenidia ctenidia NovaSeq 6000
SRR12207404 SAMN15517239 SRX8718216 EPI_124 EPI_124 juvenile(ambient) HiSeq 4000
SRR12207405 SAMN15517238 SRX8718215 EPI_123 EPI_123 juvenile(ambient) HiSeq 4000
SRR12207406 SAMN15517237 SRX8718214 EPI_116 EPI_116 juvenile(super-low) HiSeq 4000
SRR12207407 SAMN15517236 SRX8718213 EPI_115 EPI_115 juvenile(super-low) HiSeq 4000
SRR12227930 SAMN15517239 SRX8736520 NR019 EPI_124 juvenile(ambient) NovaSeq 6000
SRR12227931 SAMN15517237 SRX8736519 NR005 EPI_116 juvenile(super-low) NovaSeq 6000
SRR12212519 SAMN11259647 SRX8723123 EPI_99 EPI_99 10k day 5, post-fertilization larvae HiSeq 4000
SRR12227929 SAMN11259647 SRX8736518 NR021 EPI_99 10k day 5, post-fertilization larvae NovaSeq 6000
SRR8788211 SAMN11259647 SRX5578033 NR021 EPI_99 10k day 5, post-fertilization larvae NovaSeq 6000