Data Received - Coral RNA-seq Data from Azenta Project 30-789513166

Small RNA-seq (sRNA-seq) data was made available from the coral E5 Azenta project 30-789513166. Sample sheet:

Sample Name* Species/Strain*
POR-71-S1-TP2 Porites evermanni
POR-73-S1-TP2 Porites evermanni
POR-76-S1-TP2 Porites evermanni
POR-79-S1-TP2 Porites evermanni
POR-82-S1-TP2 Porites evermanni
POC-47-S1-TP2 Pocillopora meandrina
POC-48-S1-TP2 Pocillopora meandrina
POC-50-S1-TP2 Pocillopora meandrina
POC-53-S1-TP2 Pocillopora meandrina
POC-57-S1-TP2 Pocillopora meandrina
ACR-140-S1-TP2 Acropora pulchra
ACR-145-S1-TP2 Acropora pulchra
ACR-150-S1-TP2 Acropora pulchra
ACR-173-S1-TP2 Acropora pulchra
ACR-178-S1-TP2 Acropora pulchra

Retrieval of data via sFTP took literally all day. Connection between Owl and Azenta servers was spotty at best, with frequent disconnects leading to partial downloads of files. Additionally, after all files had been downloaded, many failed MD5 checksum verification.


I will not be linking the output folder in this post, as these files will require a bit or reorganization to help keep them straight. I will create new notebook post(s) detailing the final resting spots for these files.

Screencap showing successful MD5 checksum verifications for all downloaded RNA-seq data.