Data Management - E5 Coral RNA-seq and sRNA-seq Reorganizing and Renaming

Downloaded the E5 coral sRNA-seq data from Azenta project 30-852430235 on 20230515 and the E5 coral RNA-seq data from Azenta project 30-789513166 on 20230516. The data required some reorganization, as the project included data from three different species (Acropora pulchra, Pocillopora meandrina, and Porites evermanni). Additionally, since the project was sequencing the same exact samples with both RNA-seq and sRNA-seq, the resulting FastQ files ended up being the same. This fact seemed like it could lead to potential downstream mistakes and/or difficulty tracking whether or not someone was actually using an RNA-seq or an sRNA-seq FastQ.

With all of this in mind, I performed the following tasks:

  • Copied and renamed RNA/sRNA-seq FastQs by appending RNA or sRNA to the beginning of FastQ filenames. I also retained the original FastQ files. NOTE: The renaming process does not alter the MD5 checksum, so the renamed files can still be “tracked” by comparing checksums with the originals if needed.

  • Created species directories on Owl.

  • Created Azenta project subdirectories within each species directory.

  • Updated Nightingales (Google Sheet) database


Output folders: