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Description of active alarms in the lab, how to configure, and what phone calls mean.

Alarm: Sensaphone Model 1104

The Sensaphone monitors power status, room temperature, and -80oC freezer temperature limits.

User Manual here

Incoming Phone Number: 1-206-685-7806

This allows for you to call the alarm and receive updates on connected alarms, as well as listen to what is happening inside of the room for 15 seconds.

Current numbers programmed to be called in the event of an alarm state:

  • 1: 206-866-5141 : Steven

  • 2: Sam (home number)

  • 3: 206-914-3735 :

  • 4: 206-685-3273 : Sam

Sensaphone Connections:

  • 1: Temperature sensor for ambient temperature inside of room.

  • 2: Temperature limit sensor for Roberts Lab -80oC freezer (Normally closed trigger)

  • 3: Temperature limit sensor for former Horner-Devine Lab -80oC freezer (i.e. "middle" freezer. Normally closed trigger) (disabled 20240104 by SJW)

  • 4: Not hooked to anything.

Example alarm meaning and acknowledgement:

The alarm indicates only lack of power being supplied to freezer 1.

To acknowledge receipt of the alarm, press "555" at any time during the recorded message.

This only acknowledges receipt, the alarm condition still exists.

Sensaphone alarm sequence:

When the power goes off, Alarm 2 waits 10 minutes, then issues an alarm status.

It then waits 5 further minutes to begin calling numbers on the list. There is a 1 minute pause between phone number calls.

Upshot: We currently do not know of a power outage until a minimum of 15 minutes after it happens.

To add/change phone numbers (The sensaphone can hold 4 phone numbers):

  • Press Set

  • Press Phone Number

  • Press Number on number pad corresponding to number you would like to change

  • Enter Phone number on number pad

  • Press Enter

  • Sensaphone should respond with "Enter" if number updated correctly.

VWR freezer alarm set points:

  • -60oC High

  • -90oC Low.

Alarm: Avtech


  • 1: FTR-213 Large Freezer [High Alarm: -20, Low Alarm: -50]. Not set up as of 2021-08-27

  • 2: FTR-209 Refrigerator [High Alarm: 15, Low Alarm: -5]

  • 3: FTR-213 Freezer [High Alarm: 5, Low Alarm: -50]

  • 4: FTR-213 Refrigerator [High Alarm: 15, Low Alarm: -5]

Current numbers programmed to be called in the event of an alarm state:

  • 1: 206-866-5141 : Steven

  • 2: 206-685-3273 : Sam