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External Communication

This is a living document that lists conferences, community outreach, and funding sources that past and present lab members recommend.

Conferences & pertinent travel grants

  1. National Shellfisheries Association (NSA) annual meeting. March, USA, location changes annually. Travel grant: NSA Student Endowment Fund

  2. Pacific Shellfish Growers' Association / Pacific Coast NSA chapter annual meeting. September, PNW. Travel grant: Apply for travel award upon submitting poster/presentation abstract.

  3. Aquaculture America February, USA, location changes annually.

  4. Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. April, Washington or British Columbia.

  5. Western Society of Naturalists. October/November, U.S. west coast.

  6. Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Aquatic Sciences. February/March, international.

  7. Ecological Society of America. August, USA, location changes annually.

  8. American Fisheries Society. Various subchapter meetings.

  9. WA Sea Grant Conference for Shellfish Growers. March, Puget Sound (usually Alderbrook Resort).

  10. Plant and Animal Genome Conference. January, San Diego.

General conference funding for UW Students:


Community Outreach & Education

Fellowships & Research Grants

The following are sources of funding, and people in the Roberts Lab who previously received them (with year)

Graduate Student Funding

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) - 3 years of stipend funding - Deadline: ~October annually - Prospective grad students can apply - Recipients: Laura Spencer (2016), Yaamini Venkataraman (2018)

UW College of the Environment Hall Conservation Genetics Research Fund - $6,000 to be used towards within one year of award.
- Deadline: ~March annually - Recipients: James Dimond (2016), Laura Spencer (2017), Yaamini Venkataraman (2017)

National Shellfisheries Association research grants: - The Melbourne R. Carriker Student Research Grant, $1,250. Recipients: Laura Spencer (2017) - Michael Castagna Student Grant for Applied Research, $1,250 - George R. Abbe Student Research Grant, $1,250

Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship for undergrads also - $1,840 towards invertebrate coursework or research at a field station (e.g. Friday Harbor Labs). Laura Spencer (2017)

Other Field Station Research Grants for undergrads also

Postdoc Funding

Grants for study abroad / internships