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Lab Communication

An overarching philosophy on lab communication is inclusivity and leveraging the common wisdom. Further, the intent is that prior conversations and issues (hopefully resolved) can be found by others (and future you). To that end, email is often considered a last resort. A side benefit is this should reduce email anxiety and overload.


Our means of general communication in the lab is through Slack. This is in lieu of email, providing a simple means of archiving, searching, and easy user management. IMPORTANT: This is considered to be ethereal in nature. Anything worth coming back to needs to live somewhere else.

GitHub Issues

A critical form of lab communication is via RobertsLab/resources GitHub Issues. This serves as a catch-all for problems, concerns, troubleshooting, purchasing, wish list, lab meeting topics, and other miscellaneous things that you might need help with (also for which the ideas/resolutions might be useful for the rest of the lab).

Lab Meetings

We generally have weekly lab meetings. These can be attended in person or remotely via video/audio chat. Steven will post link(s) for joining the chats in Slack and/or in the event on the Roberts Lab Google Calendar.

We alternate between a DEI focus and academic discovery. Themes can be found below. In general we will use DEI slots for a book club focused discussion and academic discovery will be a mix of modules including but not limited to...

  • coding mini lectures
  • list of knowledge gaps
  • journal club (potential model - foundational paper coupled with new paper)
  • formal presentations (including practice talks)
  • revisit common tasks (eg writing, ref managing, notebooks)
  • round robin code show and tell
  • handbook focus (update / highlight)
  • peer feedback
  • data workshop
  • issue triage
  • website update
  • specific Q & A

A traditional update with be rolled into new format that might include presentation or simply recent notebook posts.

If you have any suggestions for topics, papers, demos (or anything for lab meeting) please submit here.

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