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Welcome to the Roberts Lab Handbook!

Our hope is this is a one-stop locale for relevant information. You can use navigation at the left, the search function, and a few quick pages of interest are highlighted below. If you see something needing updating, you should be able to click on the pencil on each page and go directly to the source to edit, or simply submit an issue. Do not hesitate to join the Discussion.

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Just Getting Started?

Be sure have a look at the following:

Ready to Pick up a Pipette?

  • Lab Safety

  • Chemical Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs)

  • Lab Inventory - Materials, purchasing log, freezer contents, histology samples, primer database.

  • Lab Protocols - Protocols for benchwork in the lab (e.g. RNA isolation), for commonly used instruments and software (e.g. proteomics data analysis in Skyline), and for commonly performed hatchery practices and tissue sampling.

  • Alarm Information - Description of active alarms in the lab, how to configure, and what phone calls mean.

Sticking to the Keyboard?

  • Computing Hardware - Computing resources we have available & links to help you begin learning.

  • Lab Software - A list of software installed on lab computers.

  • Data Management - This page is intended to document all aspects of data management, from the day-to-day, formal NGS and proteomics plans, and general archiving options.

  • Genomic Resources - Here we try to compile genomic resources such that they are readily available and somewhat described.

  • Digital Media - Where and how to store media including photos, videos and audio

Even More!