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Jupyter Notebooks

These directions are taken from the Mox Hyak wiki found here Bolded parts need to be changed to fit user needs.

Use Jupyter Notebook

  1. Login to Hyak (MOX).

  2. Start an interactive node session via srun -p srlab --time=hh:mm:ss--pty /bin/bash

  3. Load Anaconda 2 module via module load anaconda2_4.3.1:

  4. Start Jupyter notebook without a browser and specified port jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8899. Note the Token supplied by Jupyter Notebook, that will be required in the last step.

  5. In another terminal window on your local desktop, type ssh -N -f -L

  6. Log in to Hyak on a third terminal window, and once logged in, ssh in to the interactive node you opened at the beginning via ssh -N -f -L

  7. In your local browser, navigate to and use the token from Step 3 to log in.