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Jupyter Notebooks

These directions are taken from the Mox Hyak wiki found here.

Use Jupyter Notebook

  1. Login to Hyak (MOX).

  2. Start an interactive node session via srun -p srlab -A srlab --time=hh:mm:ss --pty /bin/bash

    • Replace the --time=hh:mm:ss with desired runtime. E.g. --time=02:00:00 will set a runtime of 2hrs, 0mins, and 0secs.
  3. Activate Anaconda 3: conda activate

  4. Navigate to your desired working directory (e.g. cd /gscratch/srlab/ or /gscratch/scrubbed/).

  5. Start Jupyter Lab jupyter-lab --no-browser --port 9000 --ip

    • Make note of the NODE_NUMBER assigned to you (it will frequently be different each time you run this process) - highlighted in the screencap below:

    Screencap of example showing Jupyter Notebook startup on Mox, with NODE NUMBER, Mox hostname, and activated port number highlighted in white box

  6. In another terminal window on your local desktop, type ssh <UW_NetID> -L 9000:<NODE_NUMBER>.hyak.local:9000

    • Replace <UW_NetID> (including the <>) with your UW NetID.

    • Replace <NODE_NUMBER> (including the <>) with the node assigned to you in Step 3.

    • NOTE: If you receive the following error message (note the part highlighted in white), then close all of your terminals connected to Mox and start again; this time specifying a different port number in Step 5 (port number can be anything greater than 9000 and less than 65000):

    Screencap of terminal showing error message when a port is already in use - specific error highlighted in white box

  7. In your local web browser, paste the lengthy URL provided in Step 3.