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File Transfers


Transferring data to/from Mox (Hyak) with rsync

rsync is a file transfer program. It copies specified files/folders from one location to another. Additionally, it verifies data integrity after the files have been transferred. This feature is critical, due to the large file sizes we frequently work with.

Copy files to Mox:

  • rsync --archive --progress --verbose /path/to/file username@mox_IP:/path/to/mox/directory

Copy entire folder to Mox (it is important to make sure there is no / at the end of the remote path):

Navigate to the directory immediately above the one which you are interested in copying and then run the following command):

  • rsync --archive --progress --verbose --relative ./directory username@mox_IP:/path/to/mox/directory

Copy files from Mox:

  • rsync --archive --progress --verbose username@mox_IP:/path/to/mox/file /path/to/local/directory


  • sftp -oPort=#### once in commands include ls, cd, get -r * etc. Note port only needs be set not default (21).